JobWords+ Corporate Licence

The JobWords+ Corporate Licence offers a rolling monthly licence to use 400,000+ words (750+ blogs) of new job search content every year. Corporate Patreons select the content that resonates with them to create their own employer / recruiter / service provider branded ebooks and email campaigns. 100% of the content is exclusive for Patreons - there is no duplication from the JobWords app.

JobWords is written by leading HR Writer Paul Drury. 42,000 people follow Paul on LinkedIn.

JobWords+ Corporate Patreons join for £350 a month (ex VAT)


The corporate licence covers content for outplacement and off-boarding, engaging talent pools and recruitment marketing material. It is restricted to internal / email usage with no publishing permitted on websites or social media.

Read our blog about the topic (click on the pic):

Note: An annual licence to use 400,000+ words costs £4,200. An average professional writer might charge £0.30 per word for their writing. The value of the 400,000 words is therefore £120,000. Licensed content members get great content for 3.5% of the cost. Only 1p a word.

Please contact Paul Drury at for the corporate Patreon agreement.